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The Seychelles Weekly was revived by Mr. Patrick Bonnelame in early 2002 to provide its readership in both Seychelles and abroad with diverse views on the general political, economic and social situation in the country. The present Editor, Mr. Robert Ernesta joined the paper inMay, 2014.

Many attempts have been made by the authorities in power over the years to close down the newspaper. Seychelles Weekly had to print in Mauritius, between 2006 to 2008, because no printing company in Seychelles dared to print the paper for fear of being dragged to court on account of ‘libel’.

For the next four years printing the newspaper was, in consequence, being done on a RISO 500 at our office and the paper is collated with staples, because our machine can only print A3 size paper. However, this situation has not deterred us from becoming the most widely circulated newspaper in the country.

We are proud of our contribution to the local media industry, especially championing the fight against corruption, human rights abuses and more importantly the cause of our beloved Seychelles for Seychellois, whilst others are involved in what we believe is the shameful act of selling Seychelles to unscrupulous individuals.

Several people are making great sacrifices in order to keep democracy alive and the populace informed of the truth on what is taking place in Seychelles. We are totally “United for Democracy.

altMr. Robert Ernesta the current editor.





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